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How does home monitoring work in Akron?

December 19, 2022
Smartphone access to a home security system.

You’ve thought about it and reached the decision that home security systems are worthwhile for the safety of your residence. You even like the thought of a smart home to bring additional convenience and energy savings to your life. But are you still debating the necessity of home monitoring?

Take a few minutes to see how home monitoring works in [[targelocation]] and why this extra layer of protection is worth every penny.

Learn how Akron home monitoring works

If you choose 24-hour home monitoring from leading authorities like Vivint, you are linked to skilled home security experts at all times. Even though they are always just seconds away when something happens, that isn’t suggesting they are overly intrusive. You won’t discover them constantly surveilling your property or checking your camera footage. Rather, they go into action the second an emergency occurs. Here’s how:

  • At the moment one of your components is tripped -- whether it’s a window sensor or fire alarm -- your Vivint Smart Hub™ is automatically notified.

  • Your command center then relays the notification instantly to your monitoring professionals.

  • A smart home monitoring representative will then reach out to you to verify the situation and ensure your safety.

  • When the monitoring specialist is unable to contact you, they will instantly notify emergency services.

  • Your team is there to help you through the situation and will function as the main point of contact with local responders whenever you are away.

Home monitoring is like having your own security consultants linked directly to your integrated alarms and sensors. This provides more than simply peace of mind as you have actual, live specialists to help you when you need them most.


Protecting your home, even when you’re not there

Having round-the-clock assistance at the ready in case of an emergency is great when you’re home as you’ll be busy ensuring loved ones are away from harm. It’s even more critical when an emergency occurs when you’re at work or traveling. Think about your flood alarm tripping or an access point sensor triggering your alarm when you’re on vacation. What happens when no one is there to notice the alert of the blaring siren? By incorporating 24-hour monitoring, your home is always protected, regardless of if you’re home or not.

Your Vivint Smart Hub is essential in Akron home monitoring

You might consider your Vivint Smart Hub as the nucleus of your home security system. All device communications go through this vital, networked interface. In addition to being your bridge to monitoring specialists, the smart hub provides these additional virtues:

  • Emergency button to get in contact with your Vivint home monitoring agents
  • Two-way audio capability letting you talk straight to your monitoring team
  • You are able to call for help with any sort of emergency, including medical problems

If you can’t locate your mobile device when an emergency occurs, you can still communicate with your monitoring agents directly through your control panel.

Request home monitoring with your comprehensive Akron security system

Consult with the experts at Vivint and request a completely connected Akron smart home with the round-the-clock monitoring, safety alarms, and entryway sensors you need. We understand the importance of monitoring which is the reason why it is included with our popular packages. If you’re ready to boost your home’s protection, call (330) 632-1171 or fill out the form on this page to begin.